You can choose from a wide variety of features that can include touch screen photo signing, colorful and customizable emoji stamping and even social games. Additionally, You can personalize your experience with custom animations and picture frame created by our design team. The possibilities are endless.

The Mirror Me provides a “photo booth” experience like no other. It is like a photo booth on steroids! This innovative technology is super easy and fun to navigate through. People of all ages will be thrilled with their experience. The technology even allows guests to draw and sign directly on the screen!

The full length two way mirror gives each guest the opportunity to make this mirror come alive. There are excellent, fun, and unique props to enhance your photos and create an amazing experience for everyone!

How The Mirror Me Booth Works!

  • Your guests see their reflection in the mirror (regardless of their height, so children can easily take photographs too!)
  • The guest is then asked to tap the mirror ‘screen’ to start the photo process
  • Animations play to guide your guests through the entire process
  • If you select it, guests can sign their name and add emojis, by using their finger to ‘draw’ on the mirror itself
  • The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror to take the photo
  • After the photo session is finished, your guests personalised photos with be printed, emailed or shared to social media

Customized and branded
layout for printed photos


Personal Signature
on photos


Full time
personal attendant


Immediate printing
of photos

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